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Learning EFT Tapping can help you 

relate to your child and build a stronger bond.

When you learn how to tap you can encourage

your child to tap and assist or join in to help

them with the tapping process when needed.

You can gain an understanding of

their feelings and thoughts.

Your child will learn to be more

open with you if you simply

tap along with them without

judging what they say or feel.

If you tap together, taking turns saying your

intense emotions and feelings your child can

also gain an insight into your feelings and thoughts.

Tapping can be something you can do together to

quickly feel better in times of tension.

Tapping together can bridge the gap

in understanding and communication


create change for your child and yourself

by learning

eft Tapping


Tapping for yourself can help to alleviate intense

feelings you may have regarding your child,

your parenting, your past or your inner self.

Tapping can help you to deal with any issues

you may have that are stopping you from being

a strong, healthy, happy adult and parent.


If you are more relaxed and calm your child

will pick up on it and be calmer themselves.

Sometimes our thoughts and feelings as adults can unintentionally be transferred to our children.


Our past issues, from childhood until now

can be unconsciously transferred

to our children where our issues

become their issues.

anxiety to anxiety

anger to anger

calmness to calmness

love to love


Surrogate tapping gives you the opportunity to tap for your child without them being involved.

Surrogate tapping for your child transfers positive energy to your child regarding the issues you are wanting to create change for.

The surrogate tapping technique is amazing and beyond the realm of understanding, however it really does work

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